Teens are partying less than ever, according to new survey

Teens are partying less than ever, according to new survey

Youth partying might be a dying trend.
Youth partying might be a dying trend.

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Teens are supposed to be wild and rebellious, experimenting with everything they can get their hands on and making dumb decisions.

Society and “kids these days” have been in on this tacit agreement forever. Get it all out of your system now, before we need you to be functioning members of society. 

But instead, the next generation is calming down and maybe even getting … boring.

The National Institute of Health’s annual “Monitoring the Future” survey released this week found teens aren’t using drugs, drinking or even smoking weed as much as the teens that came before them.

In fact, the use of illicit drugs was the lowest in the survey’s 40-year history. Marijuana use also was down, with some age groups getting high at the lowest levels in more than 20 years.

Drinking, the tempting vice of teen partiers everywhere, was down too. The number of teens that reported they’d “been drunk” was way down. Only about 37 percent of high school seniors said they’d gotten drunk. Back in 2001 that was at more than 50 percent.

What’s going on? 

This is the same generation that reportedly prefers staying in and watching Netflix than going out to party.

Binge drinking is also at record lows — back in the 1980s, 41 percent of high schoolers said they got wasted. Last year, Child Trends Databank found something closer to only 30 percent of high school students drank too much.

Even sneaking past parents to have sex isn’t happening as much, according to a study released in 2015. Teens were having way more sex in the 1980s, making the teens of the 2000s look much more prudish.

Kids these days.

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