System 80 is a control-for-control 808 clone in Eurorack

Wait… I don’t think I’ve ever basically said everything I needed to say in a story right in the headline before, but… yeah.

This is a control-for-control 808 clone in Eurorack.

And for anyone disappointed that Roland didn’t do a TR-08 Boutique Series at NAMM, here’s one that is probably exactly as analog fans would want it. You get the layout of the original 808, if a bit miniaturized and squashed, but control-for-control an image of the original. You get independent outs for each part. You get CV I/O for connecting to other modules. It’s Eurorack. It’s 60HP. It looks like there’s even onboard MIDI.

There’s no other info, but I betcha that mailing list will fill up fast.

Hi, System 80 makers – it’s your friendly CDM here, you know, the folks who used to awkwardly have “digital” in their name but now have just an even more awkward acronym that no one can say. Do let us know what you’re up to. Love ya bye!

Updated! It’s all going to be open source hardware!

While we remain committed to it, the open source hardware front has been a bit sleepy lately. This could change that.

Timo Rozendal tips us off that engineer Jeff Lee is responsible for this beauty. And even better, hardware and firmware alike will be open source. Check them out here:

There’s also an Instagram to follow:

More of Jeff’s work – on a “hybrid analog polysynth”:

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