Sylvester Stallone Might Have Just Revealed He’s Played Rocky For The Final Time

Sylvester Stallone retiring rocky


In 1975, a struggling actor (and one-time adult film star) managed to convince someone in Hollywood to give him $1 million to make a movie in an attempt to turn a fictional rags-to-riches story into an actual one.

That actor was Sylvester Stallone and the movie in question was Rocky, which would go on to gross $225 million and spawn a series of films that would help turn him and his shredded muscles into box office stars over the next couple of decades.

It also revolutionized the art of the montage and in the process inspired a song that gets me more amped than “Eye of the Tiger” ever will.

After Rocky V came out, it became clear that the franchise was beaten to death harder than Apollo Creed at the hands of Ivan Drago. However, after a fifteen-year hiatus, Stallone decided to resurrect the character and kick off a brand new era with Rocky Balboa. 

A little under a decade later, Stallone realized he was getting way too old for this boxing shit and handed over the reins to Michael B. Jordan, who’s done a great job honoring his legacy after stepping into the role of Apollo Creed’s son.

Stallone had a supporting role in both of the Creed films, and even though he doesn’t play a boxer anymore he sure as hell works out like one.

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Creed 2 hit theaters last week and has performed well enough to virtually guarantee it’s going to turn into (at least) a trilogy at some point but I regret to inform you it looks like there’s a chance we might have seen the last of Rocky Balboa.

On Wednesday, Stallone posted an Instagram video that seems to suggest he’s hanging up the gloves (or, if you’re in the mood for another boxing analogy. throwing in the towel) when it comes to playing the character.

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Stallone said he assumed the franchise was finished after he reprised the character in 2006 and said he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to pass the torch to Jordan, who’s shown he’s more than capable of carrying it.

Let’s all pour out a glass of raw eggs in his honor.