Stephen Colbert powerfully addresses nation: ‘How did our politics get so poisonous?’

"We are more divided than ever, as a nation," a visibly shaken Stephen Colbert said on the night of the 2016 election, citing one clear fact that resonates around the world.

The results weren’t definitive when Colbert concluded his Showtime special Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This Sh*t?, but the late night host seems to know what’s coming as he addressed his audience.

"How did our politics get so poisonous?" he added.

Colbert gets personal in the video, speaking of his family and his mother who passed away before casting the vote she had already assigned to Hillary Clinton.

"Everybody’s gonna be saying ‘Has America lost its mind?’" Colbert said, when the election was still too close to call. He ended the segment with an admittedly silly list of things Americans don’t fight about — because laughter is the best medicine.

"You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time," Colbert said. "And the devil cannot stand mockery."

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