Start ’em early: 8 of the best laptops for kids

It will take the purchase of a compatible keyboard (about $100) to transform the Microsoft Surface Go from tablet to laptop, but we think the features included with this device make it a worthy contender on this list. 

The Surface Go security system includes Windows defender and customizable parental controls, as well as built-in parental controls: Only apps verified by the Microsoft store can be downloaded onto the laptop.

The lightweight tablet weighs in at 1.15 pounds, and its sleek frame should be no problem for little hands to handle. The laptop comes equipped with two built-in HD cameras, and it’s small enough to pull double duty so you don’t have to buy a camera for your little shutterbug. The Surface Go also uses Windows Hello technology that lets you log in using the camera, eliminating the chance of your kids forgetting their passwords. 

Speaking of forgetfulness, the tablet boasts 9 hours of battery life, which will benefit those who have a hard time remembering to plug into the charger.

Accessories for the Surface Go – compatible keyboard, pen, and mouse – must be purchased separately. 

Amazon reviewer

Jorge Lu


“If you need a PC to do light work and can live with a 10 inch display, you’ll love it. Or maybe you want a tablet that can be more than just that. I like the whole philosophy behind it, a device that you can take anywhere and use it in all your activities. After using it at work I can take the keyboard off and watch a movie or browse the web while listening some music or use a pen to do some digital painting as a hobby, It’s just so versatile. I think this is the closest thing to what Microsoft wanted to achieve with the Surface line. Even closer than the already great Surface Pro.

And there’s this premium feel to it. The magnesium body feels very solid, the kickstand doesn’t move if you don’t want to and if you pair it with the Alcantara keyboard it’s just a very different experience that you can feel. And yet it’s so light. You’ll have a disappointing experience touching a plastic laptop after using one of these.”

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