Sony’s New ‘Light’ Wants To Be the Brain Behind Your Smart Home

Sony's New 'Light' Wants To Be the Brain Behind Your Smart Home

Calling Sony’s new smart light a “light” is doing this weird gizmo a disservice—it’s much more than that.

Unappealingly named a “Multifunctional Light,” this ceiling gadget has temperature, humidity, and luminance sensors and can even detect when you’re home, turn on the TV, control the AC, and play music. Oh, it’s also a light.

The teaser video is a little conceptually out there, or set in some strange sci-fi alternate reality. Via Sony.

All this tech wizardry is controlled and customized with a smartphone, and the fixture itself comes in solid white or transparent. If Sony’s super light works as advertised, it would definitely be the most fully featured smart bulb we’ve ever seen. It’s kind of like a Nest and Amazon Echo rolled into… a light.

Bad news is so far the light is destined for Japan in the first half of 2016. We also have no idea how much something like this would cost. But if you ever wondered how crazy smart bulbs were willing to go, I think you have your answer—for now, at least.

[Sony via Engadget]

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