Someone Put Together Virtually Everything That Happened In 2017 Into One Image



I’ll fondly remember 2016 as the year seemingly everyone couldn’t wait to be over. We lost a number of our favorite celebrities (including a gorilla whose death somehow managed to overshadow most of the other passings), dealt with a contentious presidential election made one half of the country hate the other 50%, and dealt with an overriding sense of dread about what terrible thing was going to happen next.

Plenty of awful things ended happening in 2017 as well— for example, Jake Paul made enough money to manage to afford a $7 million mansion. While this year might not have been as terrible as 2016, it was certainly as eventful (if not more).

Beutler Ink put together an impressive collage of the year in review that made me remember a dancing hot dog captured the hearts and minds of the internet, fidget spinners were way too big of a thing, a tweet about a duck who likes milkshakes predicted the downfall of once-beloved celebrities, and HBO actually decided to put out a show called The Young Pope.

It also reminded my Fyre Festival was a thing that happened, a memory that will never fail to entertain me.

2017 summary collage

Beutler Ink

You can read a summary of every major event, meme, and pop culture moment incorporated into the collage on Beutler Ink’s website. There’s certainly a lot to digest, so you might want to view a larger version of the image here. There’s no telling what else is going to happen in the last few weeks of 2017, but let’s just hope the section featuring celebrity deaths doesn’t get much bigger.