So your kid wants a phone. Review these 5 tips on digital parenting first

According to FOSI, the trick is to monitor your child’s smartphone usage but in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re helicoptering. Verizon’s Just Kids plan is a simple add-on to your existing Verizon Unlimited plan that gives your child 5GB of data, with built-ins like unlimited talk and text to 20 trusted contacts. Parents set the usage parameters, and score precious peace of mind in the process.

So how does it work? For parents: after you’ve activated a My Verizon account, download the Verizon Smart Family app and designate your phone as the “Smart Family Parent” (you’ll need to designate one parent for this). 

For your kids: make sure they download the Smart Family companion app on their new phone and pair it with the designated Smart Family Parent’s phone. Pairing means you’ll be able to precisely track your kids location. 

You can also set other parameters that make sense for your family, including screen-time limits, pausing internet access during homework, and filtering content. 

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