Sexpert Reveals 15 Surprising Facts About Orgasms That You Probably Never Knew

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Glad you came to check out this article. We’re going to discuss a subject that your girlfriend has no clue about – orgasms. Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language, relationships expert, and award-winning author. Based on her name, she was born for this profession. The sexpert revealed the 15 surprising facts that you probably never knew about orgasms.

  • For every three orgasms dudes have, women only have one orgasm – Ladies and their silly emotions
  • 20% of women can achieve an orgasm simply by kissing – Ladies and their silly emotions
  • Men can orgasm without ejaculating and ejaculate without feeling an orgasm – Way to come empty-handed
  • .3% of women orgasm during childbirth – oh baby!
  • If the distance between the clitoris and vaginal opening is less than the width of a thumb, the clit is more likely to get stimulated from vigorous thrusting – The Iron Chef of Pounding Vag
  • Orgasms give you a high and in brain scans busting a nut lights up the brain in the same way as when heroin users shoot up – And no track marks!
  • Women can get pregnant even if the man doesn’t orgasm or blast a load because 41% of guys produce pre-ejaculate that contains sperm – Wrap it up buttercup
  • Regular orgasms are a natural anti-depressant, help boost immunity and ward off colds and infections – Can your Zoloft do that?
  • A woman’s pain threshold can increase up to 107% during climax and can alleviate pain for up to 10 minutes afterward – Even if she steps on a LEGO
  • Orgasms get better the older you get and are achievable well past the age of 90 – No wonder nana has plastic on her sofa
  • The world record for the most orgasms in an hour is 134 for a woman and 16 for men – Orgasms, actually it’s moregasms
  • The longest orgasm on record was recorded in 1966 when a woman had a 45-second orgasm that involved 25 individual contractions – Most of you don’t have sex for that long
  • Some women can orgasm from sneezing and 10% of women orgasm through exercise – I should go to the gym more
  • It’s not possible for men to urinate and make jizzies at the same time, but women can – Females are amazing multitaskers
  • Orgasms help you sleep because levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by about 500% after you splooge – Forget the Nyquil, FAP you way to restful slumber


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