S Health + Endomondo

We all Endomondo, and personally I love Gear Fit2 that works nicely integrated with S Health. The only problem is that Endomondo is not supported and have no plans to support Fit2. So what I did, is use Runkeeper too. So here it goes the explanation.

  • Go to S Health and connect Runkeeper as a service
  • Go to https://tapiriik.com/ and connect Runkeeper and Endomondo and any other service you use in my case Strava.
  • They ask for $5 per year what I just paid as the service is much worth that money.
  • Sync.

Now you can use for example your Gear Fit2 or Runkeeper or Endomondo or Strava and all DATA will be synchronised nicely, across all your apps! just great.

Here some screenshots: