Relationship Experts Reveal 6 Secrets for Valentine’s Day Gifts that Don’t Suck

With all the corny gift guide clichés and tacky holiday-themed products available this time of year, picking the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner can be tricky. That’s why it pays to put a bit of thought into figuring out what constitutes a good gift ahead of time.

To help, we called on two of our favorite New York City-based relationship experts: psychotherapist Lisa Brateman, and Dr. Jane Greer, author of “What About Me? Stop Selfishness From Ruining Your Relationship,” for advice on securing a solid Valentine’s gift. Here’s what they had to say…

1. Scour your partner’s schedule for opportunities

“Go through their calendar and see what activities they have scheduled—the gym, lunch with a friend—and get them a gift certificate to that restaurant, or renew their membership,” says Greer. “If they don’t have a membership already, you can get them one.”

2. Write something down

“Writing an old fashioned letter that actually arrives in the mail on Valentine’s Day is a novel idea in this day and age,” says Brateman. “Write down a handful of your favorite couple sayings or send a handwritten note listing five different things you love about your partner and mail it to them the old-fashioned way.”

3. Put yourself in their shoes

“Browse a few stores with some of their favorite things (colors, hobbies, etc.) in mind and see if any items jump out at you,” suggests Greer. “Think about comforting items they might buy for themselves, like bathrobes or slippers, and have them monogrammed.”

4. Express yourself

“Sometimes being vulnerable with your partner about how you feel and why you feel it can be the most romantic gesture to make on Valentine’s Day,” says Brateman. “Whether it’s in a card or over dinner, use the holiday as a chance to articulate to your partner how deeply you love and care for them.”

5. Make a memory together

“Create a lasting memory for your partner on Valentine’s Day by taking them to a concert they’d really like to see or to an art museum,” says Greer. “Use the day as an opportunity to experience something new and exciting with your partner to make a lasting impression. ”

6. Give the gift of your time and energy

“Whatever you decide to do or buy for Valentine’s Day, make sure it conveys the time and energy you put into it,” says Brateman. “A last-minute gesture or repeated gift can make a person feel unimportant.”

from Apartment Therapy