Recommended Reading: The music streaming payday won’t go to artists

The record industry expects a windfall. Where will the money go?
Marc Hogan,

It’s no secret the music industry is booming on the back of streaming services. However, it seems like not much will change in terms of where all the money goes. Pitchfork explains that much of the revenue will stay in the "upper echelon" of the industry rather than going to most of the people actually making music. "And yet, just as it’s been throughout the history of recorded music, most of the money will not go to artists," Marc Hogan writes.

Want to play pro baseball? There’s an app for that.
Ben Lindbergh,
The Ringer

It’s draft time for Major League Baseball, and many of the top prospects have been fine-tuning their game with an app. That’s not the crazy part though. It was built by a dad with no baseball background.

Fact-checking the President in real time
Jonathan Rauch,
The Atlantic

It’s not easy trying to fact-check President Trump in real time, even if you’re employing multiple bots to help. When you expand the task beyond a single speech, things get exponentially more difficult.

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