Raspberry Pi beefs up its Compute Module for industrial users

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has upgraded its Compute Module which is designed for embedded computing and industrial users wanting to produce customized products powered by the microprocessor, such as large-format smart displays.

The Foundation says the new CM3 module has a more flexible form factor, and more powerful internals — being based on last year’s beefed up Pi 3. This means its processor can run at up to 1.2HGz, and there’s 1GB of RAM — so 10x the CPU performance of the original Compute Module and twice the RAM.

The original CM1 board was released back in 2014.

The Foundation notes that the CM3 can run Windows 10 IoT Core, noting that IoT projects can be ported from a Pi 3 to a custom CM3-based system “very easily”. It’s designed the new board to be pin-compatible with the original CM1, though it notes the new module is 1mm taller.

It will also pull a lot more current from the VBAT power supply line and generate far more heat under heavy load, it adds.

The Foundation is launching two versions of the CM3: one with 4GB eMMC flash storage on-board, and a ‘Lite’ model that requires the user to add their own SD card socket or eMMC flash to cater to users wanting to add their own flash storage.

Pricing for the CM3 is $30, while the CM3 Lite is $25 (excluding tax and shipping). The CM1 will continue to be produced, but now priced at $25.

An updated breakout board has also been launched that the Foundation says will accept all three models.

from TechCrunch http://ift.tt/2juSSx9