Pornhub reveals what women are searching in honor of International Women’s Day

Friday is International Women’s Day, and Pornhub is on it.

They’ve just released some new findings about  what women seek out when it comes to porn. Using anonymous data collected by Google Analytics, Pornhub is able to determine where women users are coming from and what they’re looking for. 

According to their data, the top category searched by women varies across the world, but the overall most popular category among women was “lesbian.” according to Pornhub’s internal data. 

Pornhub for women worldwide

Worldwide, the “lesbian” category was the most popular across North and South America and well as most of Europe. “Hentai” dominated Russia while “anal” and “ebony” were also popular in other corners of the globe. 

Pornhub’s full report goes even further, detailing top categories in each country relative to other countries. For example, and not surprisingly, women users in France are over 1,000% more into the “French” category than the rest of the world and women users in Germany are over 1,200% more into the “German” category.

Pornhub also broke down the top categories per state relative to other states in the U.S. For instance, South Dakota’s top category compared to the rest of the nation is “vintage” while Utah’s is “striptease.”

Pornhub's map of women's top category by state, relative to other states

Pornhub’s map of women’s top category by state, relative to other states

Even more enlightening are the top searches by state compared to other states. For instance, South Dakota’s top search compared to the rest of the U.S. is “cartoon” while Idaho’s is “my little pony.” There are other nuggets to dig up as well: that Pennsylvania’s top result compared to other states is “Philly” is the most Philadelphia thing ever.

top women porn searches by state

They’ve also broken down searches by age group. Women ages 18 to 24 are 81% more likely to search for “hentai,” while women age 45 to 54 are 39% more likely to search “mature.” Here’s the full breakdown: 

18 to 24: Hentai (+81%)

25 to 34: Tattooed Women (+32%)

35 to 44: Double Penetration (+29%)

45 to 54: Mature (+39%)

55 to 64: Vintage (+78%)

65+: Handjob (+143%)

The entire report is available to read through here and is filled with even more revelations for better understanding what women are seeking in their porn.

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