Photographers See Crazy Intense Flyover By Dutch Air Force F35 Planes In Death Valley

F35 flyover


This is one of the best flyovers you’re ever going to see and it’s no coincidence. The Royal Netherlands Air Force was in California’s Death Valley this week not to run drills but for a photoshoot to show off their pilot’s skills and the awesome power of the F35 jets.

The video of this close flyover’s started to take off on YouTube, racking up thousands of views since it was uploaded to the Storyful channel. Welsh photographer Dafydd Phillips is the man who captured this footage and I’ll if we’re being honest, unless you work closely with these F35 jets then this is probably the best look you’re ever going to get at a flyover:

I don’t spend too much time around extremely high-end camera equipment, but I must say I was a little shocked that the sound of those F35 jets didn’t completely drown out the sound of the shutter on the cameras. As the jets approach you can hear that non-stop clicking of the cameras. I’d think that the booming sound of those jets would have been all that anyone could hear from the second those F35 jets entered the valley…I was wrong.

All things considered, this is some of those most badass F35 footage I’ve ever seen. But, I can’t stop myself from wondering why the Dutch Air Force didn’t just film a video like this in Europe? Why come all the way to Death Valley when you’ve got all of picturesque Europe to film a flyover? Seems like a pretty expensive trip, no?

[h/t DailyMail]