Photographer creates dreamy and surreal photo manipulations using stock images

Photographer creates dreamy and surreal photo manipulations using stock images

Photo manipulation lets you create all sorts of imaginary worlds and situations and let your creativity go wild. Justin Peters is a young digital artist from Germany, who creates his own imaginary worlds using stock photos and his extensive Photoshop skills. Pablo Picasso’s quote “Everything you can imagine is real” is his motto, and his imagination sure is vivid! DIYP chatted a bit with Justin about his work, and we bring you some of his imaginative, dreamy creations.

Justin is a 22 years old digital surrealist artist who describes his art as “reality merged with his own imagination using Photoshop. He hopes that, when people experience his work, they discover a new and different world, which they can dive into to prove that everything is possible when you open your mind.

I asked Justin how he got interested in this kind of art. I assumed he does photography as well, and he told me that, indeed, he does photography as a hobby as well. Justin says he has always been interested in art and design. But what got him into surrealism was his fascination with the limitless creativity and unexpected ideas and to see the world in a different way.

I was also curious about the process of creating Justin’s artworks. How does he decide on the photos to use? I was wondering if he starts with a clear idea and searches for the perfect photos, or the other way around: play and experiment until he gets something he likes? In Justin’s case, it’s the first type of process: he usually starts with the idea and then searches for the right photos to use and turn his idea into artwork.

Finally, I also wanted to know how much time, on average, Justin needs to create one artwork. He told me that it varies: it often depends on how quick he finds the right images and if he works on one image until it’s finished. He tends to work on a lot of photos/ideas at the same time and not on only one image, so to create a picture can take a few days, weeks or even months till he has the final version. Sometimes, he takes breaks on some photos until he has finished another.

Personally, I have a vivid imagination, but I express it through words. So, I am always impressed when I discover people who have the vivid imagination like mine but also have the skill of turning their ideas into visual works of art. This is why I thoroughly enjoyed browsing through Justin’s images, and scroll down for more of them, so you can enjoy it, too. You can see more of his creations on his website and follow him on Instagram, Behance, Facebook, and Twitter.

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