Nintendo’s next major ‘Super Mario’ game is a fresh take on a classic — here’s what we know

Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo has a brand-new Mario game coming to its brand-new game console. It’s called "Super Mario Odyssey," and it’s a bizarre-looking, 3D Mario for the Nintendo Switch.

It’s the first major "Super Mario" game for the Switch, and it’s a marquee title. As such, Nintendo is using this year’s annual video game trade show —  the Electronic Entertainment Expo (or "E3,") in mid-June — as a means of blowing out its big new Mario game. And that means we’re about to learn a ton more about "Super Mario Odyssey."

But we’ve already seen a ton of clues about what to expect from Nintendo’s next major Mario game. Here’s everything we know so far:

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First things first: This is definitely a 3D Super Mario game, in the lineage of "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario Galaxy." That means it’s a "sandbox-style" game. The world is segmented into levels, but the levels are massive and open-ended.

"Super Mario 64" was both the first 3D Mario game and the first Mario game where levels were open-ended. No flagpole, no definitive beginning and end. Instead, you collected stars in any order you wished.

In "Super Mario Odyssey," Mario explores a variety of real-world locations. He’s got a flying ship for getting from place to place:

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