Next Episode Tracks Your Favorite TV Shows, Helps You Discover Great New Ones

Web/iOS/Android: Whether you can’t wait for the next episode of The Walking Dead or you’re more of a New Girl fan, Next Episode can help you keep track of the episodes you’ve seen, the ones you’ve missed, and find new shows to watch from the same producers, writers, and more.

The web site and the mobile apps are all free, but they have a few in-app purchases that extend their features. For free though, you get the ability to create watchlists, browse a regularly-updated TV schedule of when new episodes of popular series’ are going to air, browse trending TV shows and related shows to the ones you’re already tracking, and more. In the mobile apps, you can even get push notifications when a new show is going to air, and keep track of shows you’ve seen and ones you plan to watch (or have downloaded to watch.) Next Episode also extends some of its features to movies, and each movie or TV series is displayed with a plot synopsis, trailer, and some flavor text about the show you can read.

Premium members get some added features, like customizable RSS feeds for each program, the option to build a custom calendar of your own favorite shows, and then export that calendar to iCal or Google Calendar, custom search engines, and of course, no ads or advertising in the apps or on the site. Premium memberships are either $2/mo, $20/yr, or $100 for a lifetime membership. Of course, it’s not your only option for tracking TV shows, but if you’re obsessive, it’s worth a look.

Next Episode
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