New York’s Hottest New Club Is For Naps

While I normally subscribe to the Groucho Marx-ism of not wanting to be a member of any club that would have me, I would happily make an exception for Nap York, a new wellness club that offers stressed out and busy New Yorkers a quick place to nap in peace.

If you can’t Costanza your way into a midday nap, Nap York is designed specifically to give stressed out New Yorkers an opportunity to catch a few winks when they’re away from home. The sound-proof, individual pods offer up airweave mattresses and pillows for hygiene and comfort. Simply tuck your belongings into the storage cubby, pull the curtains and drift off.

There’s more to the center than just luxury naps; sign up for yoga and meditation classes, or grab a latte in the cafe. There are egg chairs for relaxing, reading, or quickly checking emails. There’s also a coworking space designed to help people focus. The whole building is full of sleek black furniture, low lighting and over 250 live plants help to create a calming and very chill atmosphere. A half hour at Nap York costs between $6-10 depending on which area you’re going to.

from Apartment Therapy