NES Classic wireless receiver solves the short cord problem

We love almost everything about Nintendo’s adorable NES Classic Edition, but there’s still one major downside. There’s no way around it: Those short controller cables are a major buzzkill. Unsurprisingly, third-party companies are stepping up to solve the problem — one such solution comes from 8Bitdo, which just released a new version of its Retro Receiver that works with the NES Classic.

This package includes the aforementioned Retro Receiver along with the company’s "NES30" wireless controller. It’s visually similar to the classic NES controller, but has four buttons on its face instead of the traditional two. More notably, the Bluetooth-enabled Retro Receiver lets you use many other controllers with the NES Classic, including the PS3, PS4 and just about any other Bluetooth controller you can think of.

There’s no doubt that this removes a bit of that "classic" experience from using Nintendo’s mini console, and we’re not talking about the experience of scooting right up to your TV to play. Nintendo has always made excellent controllers, and we’re guessing these 8Bitdo options won’t feel quite as nice as what Nintendo includes. And then there’s the price — $39.99 for a controller and receiver isn’t exactly cheap, especially when the NES Classic itself only costs $60.

But for a lot of people, being able to get off the floor and play comfortably from the couch will be worth the cost. The NES30 Retro Receiver bundle ships on December 16th, but if you can’t wait that long, remember there are cheaper solutions out there, like a simple extension cable that’ll only set you back about $10.

from Engadget