Mercedes’ GLE sports impressive suspension technology


Starting an auto launch event with a dancing car is… odd. Apparently, the new 2020 Mercedes GLE is a slave to the rhythm. But the tech behind the groovin’ GLE revealed in front of a San Antonio hotel has real-world uses that don’t involve entertainment.

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  • E-Active Body Control suspension is more impressive when taken seriously
  • MBUX is still the best infotainment system on the market
  • 4Matic handling is great for a car this size
  • HUD can be overwhelming
  • We’re going to be overloaded with videos of GLEs dancing
  • Route-Based Speed Adaptation is still too cautious around corners


A refreshed luxury SUV that’s had all the technology thrown at it and it comes out the other side looking and driving great. The new MBUX continues to impress and the E-Active Body Control suspension, while weird at first should get a lot of people out of sandpits, but also let them show off their car’s dance moves.

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The new Mercedes GLE (starting at $53,700) looks like any other SUV refresh, but under its attractive new design is a vehicle crammed with features that include the new MBUX infotainment system and the impressive E-Active Body Control suspension that makes cornering… weird but better. Oh and that “dancing,” it’ll actually help you get out of a sand pit.