Marvel Fans Have Been Begging NASA To Save Tony Stark In Space, NASA Responds With A Solution

NASA Responds Fans Save Tony Stark


Because, why the hell not, fans of Marvel’s Avengers movies have been begging and pleading with NASA to do something to save poor Tony Stark, who is still stuck in space, as evidenced by the first Avengers: End Game trailer that debuted last week.

Considering that almost half of the trailer focuses on poor Iron Man telling his true love Pepper Potts all about how he’s out of food, water, and running short on air, Tony’s plight seems to be kind of important in the grand scheme of the fourth Avengers movie.

Thankfully, this is 2018 and we have the internet, and more importantly, social media, so Marvel fans could inundate the real-life NASA with requests to help.

And because this is 2018 and we have the internet, and more social media, NASA, of course, responded with a solution for Mr. Stark.

“Hey @Marvel, we heard about Tony Stark. As we know, the first thing you should do is listen in mission control for “@Avengers, we have a problem.” But if he can’t communicate, then we recommend ground teams use all resources to scan the skies for your missing man,” NASA wrote on Twitter.

Needless to say, people were very relieved.

This is true. That might help.