Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate Hearing Has Produced Some Absolutely Hilarious Memes

Win McNamee/Getty Images

This is Mark Zuckerberg’s worst nightmare. The co-founder, chairman and CEO of Facebook is currently getting grilled by 44 lawmakers over its seemingly reckless usage of its 2.2 billion users’ private data and the role the company played in Russia’s interference with the 2016 election. The 33-year-old Zuckerberg, who has the charm of an unsalted cracker, is not built for this.

Zuckerberg, as terse and robot-esque as ever, apologized for the Cambridge Analytica debacle in which the British consulting firm collected the personal information of 80+ million Facebook users and used it to influence the opinions of voters.

“it’s clear now that we didn’t do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm, as well. That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy.”

The hearing is as boring as it is important. And that’s where the internet picks up the slack. It has produced some laugh-out-loud memes. Check out the ones below for a good laugh.

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo