Make Fresh Pasta Using a Box Grater

The most time-consuming step in making fresh pasta isn’t making the dough, but taking that dough and getting it into noodle-shapes. To make a bowl of fresh, rustic pasta without touching a rolling pin (or pasta machine) all you need to do is grab your box grater.

As Justin Chapple demonstrates in the video above, you’ll need to start by mixing up a bowl of your favorite pasta dough (any basic recipe will do) and letting it rest for about fifteen minutes. Divide the dough into two balls and grate each one using the large holes on your box grater. Let the resulting bits and pieces hang out on the cutting board for another fifteen minutes to set, then boil to al dente and enjoy with your favorite sauce.

How to Make Fresh Grated Pasta Without a Machine | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

from Lifehacker