Listen to ‘Last Christmas’ and remember the legend of George Michael

It’s a twist that will be unbearable to many: Pop legend George Michael, and the singer of the iconic Christmas song, Last Christmas, died suddenly at 53 on Christmas Day. 

His synth-pop tune, which has been covered by many since it was released in 1984, now takes on a sombre meaning. Many fans expressed they had been listening to the song to celebrate the festive season before hearing of his death. 

The song continues to chart on the Billboard Holiday Songs chart every year, and has been covered by a range of artists including Taylor Swift, Hillary Duff, Ariana Grande and even the cast of Glee

George Michael died peacefully at his home, according to his publicist. As we say farewell to the singer, put on the stereo and take a moment to listen to the ’80s bliss that is Last Christmas. The holiday track will never quite be the same. 

from Mashable!