Kids lose their minds as they visit a fan-made, life-sized version of Kylo Ren’s ‘Star Wars’ TIE Silencer


Kylo Ren is a pretty bad guy, but we cannot deny that he takes his design aesthetics very seriously. He shares an appreciation for all black outfits, a cool helmet, a bizarre lightsaber, but most importantly, he has the sleekest whip in the entire galaxy. 

Sorry, Millennium Falcon. 

Popular Youtuber, Colin Furze was given the task, in collaboration with eBay, to try and create a life-sized Kylo Ren TIE silencer along with a BB-9E droid from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. Furze got some help from XRobots James Burton.

The video shows a group of children all throughly excited about the idea of flying through space with Kylo Ren’s streamlined spaceship. The entire TIE fighter took six weeks to build and will be on display at the Burghley House in Stamford until Dec. 10. Now we just have to wait for someone to build a working Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder so we can feel like Luke Skywalker.    Read more…

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