Jaguar will sell all-electric E-types to eco-conscious fans


The all-electric version of the E-type sports car Jaguar unveiled last year isn’t just a concept or a special vehicle only available to royalty anymore. Jaguar has announced that it will offer Zero, the all-electric variant of the E-type, for sale. Yes, it will look just like the iconic 1960s sports car, except its engine and transmission will be replaced with a battery pack and an electric motor designed using I-Pace components. In fact, the automaker will convert existing six-cylinder E-types to EVs for customers at its Classic Works facility and will even keep the original components to make sure the process is reversible.

Unlike the original car, Zero comes with touchscreen navigation, LED headlights and other high-tech parts found in a modern car. People can choose to get one with the original instruments, though: in short, Jaguar can customize each car to meet a buyer’s specifications. Those who don’t have an E-type yet but want both EV components and its original engine can even ask Jaguar to obtain an original vehicle and to convert it for them instead of getting the Zero version only.

Jaguar hasn’t released a lot of details about the electric E-type yet, but it says it’s targeting to achieve a 170-mile range. The company also plans to use a 40kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which can be fully recharged within six to seven hours. Unfortunately, Jaguar didn’t talk about prices since they could vary depending on what the buyer wants, but they will obviously be in the luxury vehicle range. The automaker is encouraging everyone interested in getting an electric E-type to get in touch by emailing ( or calling (+1 (888) 284-9501) the company.

from Engadget