Is A5 Olive Wagyu Really Worth $240/Pound? These Guys Try Three Types Of Rare Kobe Beef To See If The Hype Is Real

A5 Wagyu Beef


I’m a bit of a ‘meal chaser’ when it comes to rare and over-the-top dishes. I’m not trying to brag at all here, it’s just something I enjoy, eating at a few of the world’s best restaurants each year and sampling the dishes they’re best known for.

I’ve eaten at most of the top steakhouses in NYC but I guess that’s a pretty subjective statement because everyone has their own interpretation of what the best steakhouse in New York is. I have been fortunate enough to sample Wagyu beef on multiple continents. But one cut of beef I’ve yet to taste is the A5 Olive Wagyu.

The ‘Holy Grail of Steak Sandwiches‘ in NYC will run you $85 and is made with the rare A5 Miyazaki wagyu beef but that’s got nothing on this A5 Olive Wagyu if you’re into heavily marbled beef and super high-fat content.

The first time I heard of A5 Olive Wagyu available in America was about a year ago thanks to CrowdCow. Since then, I’ve been wondering if the hype is real. The video team from CNBC went to sample cuts of American Wagyu ($82/pound), Japanese A5 Wagyu ($170/pound), and the rarest of them all, A5 Olive Wagyu. The goal was to see if the hype is real and what they found was actually somewhat on par with what I’d expect.

At $240/pound, you’d be crazy to order a 16oz (full 1-pound) steak unless you were dining out with the express purpose of spending money. The good news is that you REALLY don’t need a full pound of this beef to enjoy it. According to this clip, the overwhelming fat content actually becomes too much after just a few bites.

Now if you want to try A5 Olive Wagyu for yourself then you can do so by either finding a restaurant which serves it or you can pick up individual A4 or A5 Olive Wagyu steaks (or buy in bulk) on Crowd Cow. They are NOT CHEAP but you already knew that.