Inspiring Photography of the Waves and Oceans of Tahiti by Ben Thouard

Ben Thouard is an award-winning ocean and surfing photographer living on Tahiti – an island in French Polynesia. His love of surfing and photography took him there at the age of 22, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In this film by Roam, titled SURFACE, Thouard gives us a unique view of waves and surfing. The film documents how he works, and how his shots are captured – it’s a valuable look into the creative process of such an experienced photographer.

Note: Watch it fullscreen, you’ll feel like you’re in the water with him!

“Being in the water, moving with the waves and going with the flow… you feel the energy from the ocean,” says Thouard. “You feel very humble in front of all of that power.”

Thouard discovered photography at the age of 15 and spent all of his time underwater trying to capture images of the ocean. Most of Thouard’s days are spent exploring and waiting for the perfect conditions, but when all of that comes together it makes for stunning photography.

Thouard has now created a 184-page book, also titled SURFACE, documenting his work photographing waves and the ocean in beautiful imagery.

Here’s a short trailer on the film above, if you want a more concise insight into his work:

To see more of Thouard’s work, head over to his website.

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