Inside GIPHY’s NYC office where lunch is catered every day, employees play arcade games, and the walls are alive with GIFs

Giphy NYC office

  • GIPHY’s office in New York City represents the company brand with color and character.
  • Employees enjoy catered lunch every day, a hanging garden, a coffee bar, and an arcade with virtual reality at GIPHY’s office.
  • The conference rooms are named after popular GIF search terms — such as cats, dogs, mind blown, and eye roll.

If you have ever sent or received a GIF, chances are you used GIPHY.

The GIF platform — which is featured on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Tinder, and Slack — hosts animated loops from live events, your favorite TV shows, and uploads of adorable pets.

After utilizing several different offices since the company’s founding days in 2013, GIPHY moved into its New York home in October 2016. The headquarters are in the Manhattan Meatpacking District with a second, smaller office in Los Angeles.

Jess Gilliam, Giphy’s brand creative director told Business Insider, "the most important thing to me in bringing new environments to the space is that we brought our personalities into the space."

Gilliam described the office space as fun, animated, and weird. Overall, she feels that the atmosphere is a pure reflection of GIPHY and sees the brand image in the color and character of the office.

Architect Andrew Harper told Business Insider the office was designed to be "a microcosm, a city feel but different environment that expresses their brand."

He also said that he received input from GIPHY employees and wanted to highlight their artistic talent when creating the design. Harper wanted to express the company "values in our space; friendliness, colorful, fun."

Take a look at the office space Harper designed and Gilliam and her colleagues use everyday:

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Employees are immediately greeted by a coffee bar that doubles as a reception area when they enter the office.

On the left wall of the coffee bar is a GIF to showcase the employee of the week and that employee’s personal favorite GIF.

Next to the coffee bar is a lounge area with a large teddy bear to cuddle with. This area has a gallery of static art on the walls to complement the moving art around the rest of the office.

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