HP Spectre x360 13″ Intel i7 QHD Convertible

You already know what it is. But what it does? That could be anything.

The stuff inside this box make the bumps and bleeps and binary go from soft quiet whispers to visible quality data. The stuff inside this box turns the invisible air waves into the news and weather, or streaming entertainment, or the big report your boss just emailed you. The stuff inside this box can even play the MP3s to your headphones, assuming you have all the wires plugged in correctly. And that’s what a computer does. That’s what a computer is.

What a computer ISN’T is the end-all be-all magic box. Because a computer of any sort, even one as cool as this laptop here, is just the way-station. The Internet is out there, the games are out there, the files and the videos and the work and the LIFE is out there. Waiting for YOU to FIND IT. WHICH YOU WILL.

Think of this laptop as a really good truck stop halfway through a family trip. It might not be the only option, but it’s certainly an option that’s gonna make your life soooo much easier.

from Woot http://ift.tt/297hYei