How Vegas nightlife is turning to tech for unforgettable opportunities


A night out in Vegas will have you fully immersed in the tech scene. It’s easy to geek out at the amazing light shows and video displays here, but it’s even cooler when you discover how it’s done.

“We try and create a centerpiece or a ‘wow moment’ that you cannot experience anywhere else,” says James Algate, VP of Entertainment at Hakkasan Group, which owns a host popular clubs and restaurants on the strip — Omnia Nightclub, Jewel Nightclub and Bootsy Bellows to name a few.

The 75,000-square-foot Omnia Nightclub at Caesar’s Palace is a lavish experience that expertly combines the indulgences of a classic club or opera house with modern marvels inspired and informed by technology.

Omnia’s pièce de résistance is the high-tech chandelier that moves in sync with the music. The light fixture combines motion-detection technology with liquid-crystal display screens that react to people walking by and can be synced with the timecoding of the music to move and react as if it’s been choreographed to the song.

It’s a truly hypnotic experience to behold — the lights, the music and the crowd moving together as if they shared the same driving pulse.

A short drive up the street is Jewel at the Aria Resort & Casino, a testament to the power of LED technology. Here you’ll find 24,000 square feet of LED heaven.

When first entering the club, a glittering staircase shimmers and flickers as you walk in, as if transporting you to another world. Encircling the dome-shaped dance floor is a series of LED ribbons that surround the space and pulse with the music. It’s here that specially designed curved LED tiles create an all-encompassing visual experience. Elsewhere in the club, dual-sided LED video screens flicker and throb, powered by SFX lighting that allows for 360-degree movement.

After a night transported amidst this inventive and inspired spaceship of a dance floor, you may never want to return back to Earth.

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