How To Get Started Watch Collecting For Under $3000

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You got a job, you got a car, and you got a roof over your head. Now it’s time to climb the ladder of success and make an investment in your look.

As a watch-collecting beginner, you’re probably reluctant to double down on a flashy aspirational timepiece like a Rolex GMT or a Patek Philippe. Rather, you’d like to dip your toes into the world of timepiece collecting without fronting to be in the C-Suite when you’re years away from a corner office.

Or, really, any office.

You gotta crawl before you walk, you gotta walk before you run.

Here’s how to make a calculated investment in your watch collection on StockX without missing a student loan payment.

#1: You have to think like a collector

Are you someone who sees a watch as an investment? What’s your risk tolerance? What’s your position – a short term flip for a quick buck or a long-term hold for accruing value over time? Or are you simply in the game for style and swagger? Do you even know the engineering that go into making good watches great watches? Are you going quartz movement with a battery or mechanical movement timepiece from a trusted watchmaker who’s been keeping tabs on time for generations? is a platform that uses real-time data to educate and empower watch buyers, regardless of the size of their collection. It’s the world’s first true, live ‘bid/ask’ marketplace, where potential buyers can place bids on a timepiece, a sellers place an asking price, and when a bid and ask meet, the transaction just… happens!


#2 Keep your eyes peeled for limited edition releases

Just like sneaker collecting, the more limited edition, the better. But stay woke – Not all limited editions are created equal and most are pure marketing plays that collectors can see right through. You don’t want to end up with the Beanie Babies of timepieces.

It’s also important to know that limited edition drops come in all price ranges, not just in the tens of thousands of dollars.

For example, G-Shock is consistently releasing new, limited edition timepieces in celebration of the brand’s 35 anniversary this year. These watches tend to sell quick and retain their value. In September 2018, G-Shock released the GLACIER GOLD collection. It’s a modern take celebrating the OG Casio watch that every high school chemistry teacher wore, with a clear, icy clean aesthetic and a gold-tone face.

Here’s another example from the world of digital watches: The sleek, stainless steel G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 hit the market at $500 and sold out quick. A pre-owned version recently resold on StockX for $577 – An 11.5% increase in value on the resellers marketplace.

#3. Don’t be afraid of the staples.

Watch geeks LOVE Seiko watches as entry-level watches for a collection. SEIKO boasts handsome designs, a heavy feel, beautiful movement, and incredible Japanese engineering precision that’s all made in-house – all for a price under $500, new.

Seiko introduced the world’s first quartz-movement watch in 1969. Fun fact: They were also one of three brands to introduce the world’s first automatic chronograph, ref 6139, all the same year, and continues to wow the watch world with products collector’s love.

SEIKO’s PROSPEX watches literally means “Professional Specifications” and are world-renown for some of the best dive watches, complete with more watchmaking firsts – The first titanium case, the first ceramic shroud in a dive watch, the first analog-digital watch, etc.

Also, SEIKO fanboys love to talk about how SEIKO is one of the only watchmakers to manufacture automatic movement watches like high-end dive watches for a low price point. In addition to the SEIKO Prospex, keep your eyes peeled for Coutura, and Presage – These are staples on StockX, with prices fluctuating in value based on the rarity of the release.

The best thing about using StockX, instead of a trip to a jewelry store, is that they’re completely transparent with the pricing on historical sales.

#4 Yes, You Can Afford A Swiss Heritage Brand

If you’re focused on finding a Swiss-made watch with automatic movement, there are three heritage brands to focus on for building your collection: TAG Heuer, Omega, and Tudor both offer handsome dive watches under the $3,000 price point. In fact, the Tudor Black Bay and the Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster are many-a-collector’s very first foray into owning a four-digit timepiece.

Tudor dive watches have a storied military history, including with some of the very first Navy SEAL Frogmen during the Vietnam War, alongside it’s more expensive cousin, the Rolex Submariner. Also of note: The Omega Seamaster with a blue dial has been James Bond’s watch of-choice dating back to Goldeneye.

And it’s possible to get one of these iconic pieces of Swiss art on your wrist for around $2500. The beauty of StockX is that you can do it on their bidding system, naming a price for what you’re willing to pay.

All of their pre-owned watches are authenticated by an in-house team of experts, meaning you’re getting an amazing watch in excellent condition that is 100% real and authentic, often for much cheaper than retail.

At the end of the day, the first steps to building a watch collection comes down to personal taste and style.

You wouldn’t spend your money on a stock you don’t like…

Why do it for a watch?