How to Find the Perfect Glasses Frame


The Vision Council of America claims that over 4 billion adults in the world now wear glasses, which equates to about 75 per cent of the adult population. When it comes to glasses, finding your ‘perfect fit’ can be difficult and it’s a process usually left to the opticians to figure out.

More and more websites are starting to sell prescription glasses online. This allows us to buy our glasses at much cheaper rates than in the stores. It is also is more convenient for busy people to do their shopping online. One issue that comes with buying online is not knowing whether the frame you choose will be right for your face. Ultimately, it’s a gamble that may or may not pay off.

This latest infographic from Zenni tackles this head on by offering the ultimate frame choosing guide. Finding your frame measurements will allow you to ensure you’re getting the right fit. If you’re contemplating purchasing a pair of glasses online, use this guide o find your ideal measurements and ensure you are ordering the right pair of glasses for your eyes.


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