How This Showering Trick Can Make You More Energised For The Whole Workday


Busy schedules can drain your energy, to feel any better for the rest of the day or night, or that weekend party might still be a bit trenching on weekdays. However, a little spontaneous trick by a nice shower can solve your problems.

Showers are good for you as it cleans the body by removing dirt and germs. The best thing a good shower bath can do is to keep you energized for the day. Most of the people love showers so much that they prefer taking a shower twice or thrice in a day, which is actually their secret to being enthusiastic all day long.

The Shower Trick

Taking a shower in a right way will do the trick of revitalizing you and keeping you refreshed all day long. A 90-second shower is actually your rescue from all your physical and mental pain. Cold to hot to cold shower also termed as ‘Scottish Shower,’ eliminates tiredness from your daily routine.

First step is the icy cold water shower, which should be for 30 seconds. Then turn towards hotter side, as much as your body can tolerate for another 30 seconds, and then again for next 30 seconds, switch to icy cold shower.

This trick will open up your capillaries and increase your blood flow in the body by increasing the simulation. This also helps in combating the stress in an effective way and prepares you for the day.

Benefits of the Shower Trick

In today’s stressful and busy life, we need something that doesn’t consume much time in bouncing us back to life. Hot-cold shower is the best way to get rid of tension in your nerves and stress as it does not take much of your precious time.

The 90-second showering trick increases the alertness in the body. To get away from the shock of pouring cold water on our body in the morning, it is recommended to take deep breath. That further helps in keeping our body warm and relaxed.

Only hot water has the tendency to form dryness on the skin, so it is always a good idea to take a shower in cold water. Cold water shower is very good for the skin and hair. The shower trick tightens the cuticles and pores in skin and hair. It even prevents dirt from getting inside.

Why Only Hot Showers Do Not Work?

Hot showers have just one benefit ; they will give you a soothing good night sleep. Hot water is recommended to soothe your nerves so that there will be a drop in your temperature that helps in sleeping well.

However, to kick start your day in the morning or to continue after a heavy workout, 90-second trick will do wonders. Only hot water shower will not be able to give you any active or fresh start in the morning.

If you want to just turn your mind and body to an active mode in the morning, then just switch to hot and cold shower for few seconds and then end up with icy cold shower to keep your body rejuvenated.

Step-by-Step Practice of the Showering Trick

The hydrotherapy suppress pain and helps in curing sore muscles and speeds up their recovery as well. When you are down or suffer from sore muscles just try the shower therapy to take get relief from the pain. You need to be patient while you step in for the 90-second shower trick. Here are simple steps to do so:

  1. Let your feet touch the water first

First, dip your feet in the cold water of the shower and then slowly wet your face with water and put some on your back and front too. Let the pressure of the water be slow so that your body is not hit by cold water in the morning. 

  1. Take a dip now

Slowly enter in to the shower now and immerse your body in cold water. Once you are in, get comfortable in the shower.

  1. Finish up fast 

Stop the flow of water only when you have to shampoo or apply soap on the body. You can also do your cleaning ritual before starting the trick. So, once you are done cleaning your body then finish the shower trick and wrap the body in a towel tightly.

How to Adapt to Showering Trick Gradually?

It is a difficult task to get adjusted to cold shower every day as the first thing in the morning, but with time you can.

  1. Adjust yourself slowly

Start off with hot shower and then slowly turn it off to cold shower till the time your body adjusts to the temperature of the body. Step into the warm shower and relax your body and then slowly turn it on to cold shower. 

  1. Jump into cold water

If you know how to swim, then it is easy for you to step into the cold water right away. You can gasp or scream if that helps. Get your mind ready beforehand and it will be easier for your body to take a cold shower in the morning as body will adjust automatically after some time.

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