How Often You Should Clean the Most Commonly Neglected Parts of Your Home

You probably do the basic stuff when you clean your home, like wiping down counters and washing sheets, but some things undoubtedly get forgotten. This visual guide can help you establish a regular cleaning schedule for the stuff that tends to fall by the wayside.

The guide, from housewares provider Moshells, shows you the parts of a home that often go neglected, and how often you should actually give them some attention. For example, garbage disposals should be cleaned out once a week, bath mats should be washed every two weeks, indoor trash cans need to be rinsed every couple months, window screens should be tidied up once a year, pet bowls are best washed daily, and even children’s toys could use a wipe down or wash once a month. The guide also tells you the best way to go about caring for each area. You can check out the full graphic below.

When to Clean Parts of Your Home | Moshells

from Lifehacker