How 8 of the most successful couples in the world first met

Warren Buffett & Astrid Menks

• Business Insider looked into how some of the most successful people out there met their spouses and partners.

• Several couples, like Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos and Bill and Melinda Gates, met at work.

• Others met at recreational events, like a charity poker tournament or a high school football game.

When Bill Gates first asked out his now-wife, Melinda, she said no.

When Lebron James first asked out his now-wife, Savannah, she had no idea who he was.

Warren Buffett’s first wife introduced him to his future second wife.

Take a look below at how eight hugely successful couples first met:

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LeBron James and his future wife Savannah both grew up in Akron, Ohio and attended rival high schools. The couple first met at a high school football game.

She told Harper’s Bazaar she wasn’t aware of his growing star when she accepted his invitation to go check out one of his basketball games: "I had no idea who he was."

Source: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Sports Illustrated, Business Insider

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates first asked Melinda, a newly hired product manager, out to dinner at a company picnic in 1987.

The only problem? He wanted to schedule the date two weeks in advance. She responded, "That’s not spontaneous enough for me," Fortune reported in 2015.

Later that evening, Gates called her up later that night with a wry question: "Is this spontaneous enough for you?" Turns out, it was.

Source: Fortune, Business InsiderBusiness Insider


Spanx founder Sara Blakely met her husband — Marquis Jets cofounder Jesse Itzler — at the 2006 Net Jet Annual Las Vegas Poker Tournament. One of her sales representatives wrangled her a seat at the main table with Itzler.

He told he was fascinated by her departure from the game: "Who goes to bed at 9:30 at night in Vegas? That intrigued me. And she loved to laugh, and that intrigued me, too."

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