Hopper Adds Airline Fee Breakdowns to Help Avoid Surprise Costs When Booking a Flight

Android/iOS: Hopper is a great app for all kinds of personalized flight details and today it’s getting an update that breaks down all the airlines confusing additional fees so you aren’t surprised by anything when you actually get on a flight.

Hopper’s main appeal is in finding the cheapest ticket, but one big caveat with those cheap tickets is fees. Some airlines charge for checked bags, other even charge you for a carry-on, so the price you get when you look for tickets isn’t always reflective of the actual cost to fly. So, now Hopper will help you figure that out with its new “Fair Bear.” When you go to book a ticket, it shows you all the extra fees, from cancellation costs to carry-on fees to help you can pick a flight that works for you. The update is available on Android right now, with iOS following later this week.

Hopper (Free) | Google Play
Hopper (Free) | iTunes App Store

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