Here’s How Much Space Is Needed To Actually Hold A Trillion Dollars In Cash

Stacks of Money

Shutterstock / Epic Cure

People are consumed with money. They obsess over saving it, attempt to obtain it by any means possible and often waste it on the oddest purchases ever.

The one thing people rarely consider, however, is the sheer amount of space money takes up. Perhaps because most of our money is “imaginary” and available in cash only if absolutely necessary. All of that cash lives somewhere else, usually in banks.

But what if people were suddenly forced to physically hold all of their money? It wouldn’t be a probably for broke people like us but what about the millionaires and billionaires? They’d need homes just for their stacks of cash! Maybe that’s why Jack Sparrow has so many houses?

Here’s a short video showing just how much space it would take to hold stacks of money in the millions, billions and trillions.

How BIG Is One Trillion Dollars?

[via Animated Comparisions]