Here’s How Much Potheads Spend On 4/20 Weed And How Many Actually Make It To Work

marijuana joint

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Today is 4/20, the beloved marijuana holiday for stoners everywhere. A very happy 4/20 to you and yours! This is a very special day for California since it is their first 4/20 since the state legalized marijuana on January 1, 2018. With all this green goodness on 4/20 are stoners going to actually make it to work today? Let’s find out.

A new survey has delved into the 4/20 spending habits of potheads as well as if they plan to ditch work on the day of cannabis jubilee. The website LendEDU surveyed 1,001 Americans ages 18 and up that were planning on lighting up on April 20, 2018. And it sounds like a lot of you aren’t going to work today.

The survey found that 35.66% of the burnouts said they planned on skipping work on 4/20. Surprising, I know. Slightly more stoners will make the effort to go to work (41.86%), but out of those dedicated employees making it to work, 20.05% said they are going to their job stoned. Can’t let a little thing like work slow your roll. Another 10.26% were unsure if they’d go to their job under the influence.

Then there was the decent amount of cannabis enthusiasts who didn’t need to worry about work ’cause it’s Friday, they ain’t got no job… and they ain’t got shit to do. The survey found that 22.48% of respondents said they are currently not employed. Keep in mind that the current unemployment rate is 4.1%.

So how do these weed fans spend their money on April 20th? Of the potoisseurs, 55.44% said they had already planned to include 4/20-related expenses into their monthly budget. And who said stoners aren’t fiscally responsible? The respondents said they spend an average of $146.12 on 4/20 and about half ($71.35) will be spent of the drug itself. You can’t talk about smoking up without talking about the munchies. Cannabis users said they would spend $40.34 on munchies. That’s a lot of f*cking White Castle. Weed lovers said they will spend $34.43 for new marijuana paraphernalia. Bongye West and Action Bongson, meet your new friend George W. Kush.