Hell Yeah! Casual Hookups Still Give People All The Intimacy They Hope For, Per Study


Casual hookups can be fun, but there are plenty of people who crap all over them, believing they promote bad habits, can lead to higher odds of contracting an STI and that bumping uglies should be between two people who care about one another. Whatever, it’s no longer 1950, grandma, so there’s absolutely nothing wrong with casual hookups, just as long as it’s consensual and are using protection.

And, while some people think that casual hookups are bad because they lack intimacy — because it’s usually between two strangers — for those who think the mind, body, spirit and all that stuff is necessary to have a really great experience, a new study says that getting down and dirty with strangers offers just as much intimacy. Guys, this is awesome news.

The study, which was conducted by a team of researchers that included Binghamton University faculty and a team at Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute, reveals that casual hookups among young adults is a frequent source of intimacy, so take that all you haters! Here’s what one of the researchers involved in the study, Ann Merriwether, a developmental psychologist and lecturer at Binghamton, had to add about the findings.

“We have a stereotype that casual sex (hookups) are just about meaningless sex, but this research shows this is not necessarily true. It shows intimacy is important and desired by many people, especially those who prefer hookups to more traditional relationships.”

This is big news, bros, because it kind of proves that, in a way, we’re all hopeless romantics who look for some intimacy with potential partners, even if they’re just casual hookups. Additionally, it shows that, even if we’re not interested in a full-on relationship, we do want a connection without all the commitment.

For the study, the researchers asked several hundred college students to answer questions about “affectionate and intimate activities” during sexual encounters, whether in a relationship or as a casual hookup. These included things like cuddling, foreplay, spending the night, eye gazing, etc., with researchers finding that the rate of intimacy during casual hookups was much greater than they first thought.

Look, having casual hookups is a great way to stay sexually healthy — again, as long as it’s consensual and is done safely — so it might be time to officially lose the stigma that everyone’s a bunch of floozies if they’re sleeping around and not in a relationship. Of course, going to an alley behind a bar together isn’t all that romantic or intimate, but bringing someone home and waking up in bed next to them can be, and this study says so.


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