Hack Your Habits: 6 Things Healthy People Do Differently

We all have those friends in tip top health condition; they rarely get sick, tout glowing hair and skin, and can scale a flight of stairs without breaking a sweat. From the outside it may seem like they’re hiding superpowers— but the truth is, it’s simple, routine habits that can take us from feeling feeble to feeling fit. We’ll share a few everyday habits and explore easy healthy hacks to supercharge your day.

Habit: You like to start the day with a big cup of coffee.

Healthy Hack: Your healthy friends also enjoy their morning brew, but they down a glass of water for every cup of joe. They know how coffee has a mild diuretic effect, so when they reach for a latté, they also grab a bottle of water.

Habit: You bring your lunch to work… sometimes.

Healthy Hack: Not only does your healthy friend make a nutritious meal at home to enjoy during the workday, they also prep in advance for an entire week of healthy eating. They know how simple it is to make large batches of healthy grub ahead of time, and that twist on the lunch-from-home habit keeps them on track when there are free cupcakes in the office kitchen.

Habit: You commute often, and spend the downtime scrolling through Instagram.

Healthy Hack: Your healthy friends know how to maximize their time and energy, and make the most out of their alone time. Whether they bike, walk, train or drive to and from their destination, they’ll use the time wisely to devour an audiobook, discover a new podcast, or even learn a new language to keep their mind fit.

Habit: You often skip your breaks at work to get ahead.

Healthy Hack: Your healthy friends work hard too, but they understand how essential it is to take regular breaks. Whether it’s an extra lap or two around the office between conference calls, getting some fresh air right outside the building, or even just sitting in the car to take some quiet time and deep breaths, taking a time out makes them more productive when they’re ready to sit back down to work— and preserves their sanity.

Habit: You end the day with a glass (or two!) of wine.

Healthy Hack: Healthy people enjoy a little “wine” down just as much as the next person— yet it’s the type of tipple they choose, the quality, and the amount that makes this habit sustainable. Your healthy friends know that the higher the sugar content in the alcohol, the more intense the hangover; so they’ll opt for red over white wine, choose a high-quality, less-processed bottle, and treat themselves in moderation. And just like the coffee habit, they’ll be sure to keep hydrating along the way.

Habit: You spend entire evenings looking at screens—from sending emails on your smartphone to falling asleep watching T.V.

Healthy Hack: Your healthy friends know that’s it’s harder to hit the hay when your brain feels stimulated. The light from smartphones and television makes us stay alert (and awake)— so your healthy friends turn off their electronics around one to two hours before they snooze.

from Apartment Therapy http://ift.tt/2iv07C1