Girlfriend Sends Guy Out To Buy Her Some Leggings, Almost Results In Him Losing His Damn Mind

Girl Sends Boyfriend Buy Leggings


Girlfriends and wives can be so cruel sometimes. Do they not know that sending a guy out shopping for pretty much anything is going to end in disaster? Especially if they send a guy out to purchase something for the woman that he has never even thought about buying before in his entire life? Maybe they do it on purpose just to show how superior they are to their guys. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Anyhoo, once again, a woman who should have known better sent her boyfriend out shopping to pick up something for her. Something that on the surface sounds reasonable and very simple. She needed him to go to the store to pick her up a pair of black leggings. What transpired may have ended up shaving a few years off of her poor boyfriend’s life.

According to the woman, Tay Gallagher (@MissTayl0rAnne), who spoke to Someecards about the event in question, she was busy working all weekend and since her boyfriend of two years was already out shopping for a birthday present for her, she asked him to also pick her up a pair of black leggings.

What happened next is why his, and her, story went viral.

Poor dude never stood a chance. Just two minutes into trying to find the proper pair of black leggings bro was already “overwhelmed” by the complexity of this seemingly simple task.

Take a closer look at how damaging an experience this was for him.

Naturally, because, internet, rather than being concerned about this man’s mental well-being, instead people wanted to know if she got her leggings.

Thankfully, her boyfriend, a brave man named Tim Goddard says he did, in fact make it out of the store intact. Kind of.

I swear they all do this stuff on purpose

See what I mean?