Get inspired to declutter with our collection of minimal designs: Part 2

Whether we agree to this in public or not, but all of us have spent some time watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and promising we will declutter just after the next episode! My personal experience was that I have too many items that ‘spark joy’ for me. Keeping this aside, minimalism is a trend that took the world by storm some time back. Be it Scandinavian, Danish or Japanese, there is something very unique and calming to see a design with clean, simple lines placed in a clutter-free environment. And as we did with the Part 1 of this series, we are sure this collection of minimally designed products will inspire you to enter this zen space.

The Stretch Board by Taijiro Ishiko 

Helios Lights by James Vanderpant 

The Brick Light from Paolo Rizzatto 

Personality TV stand by Blond Creative for Samsung TV 

Usetool Toothbrush holds a complete sterilization center, by Jiyoun Kim Studio

Hive View Smart Indoor Camera by fuseproject for Hive 

Outdoor seating designed by Patrick Norguet and Alias Design for McDonalds

Minimal Jewelry by Mara Paris

The field minimal shelving system by Dmitri Kozinenko 

The storm tray from 24d-Studio 

Respiro Light by Philippe Nigro 

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from Yanko Design