Formlabs adds new ceramic resins and tools for experimenters

Formlabs makes powerful 3D printers that can make objects that look as solid and smooth as injection-molded parts. Now, however, they’ve added improved materials including a new grey material that is completely matte and reformulated for optimal printing and a ceramic material that can be fired like standard ceramics.

Further, they’ve launched Form X, an experimental toolkit for makers and engineers.

“We want to get innovative materials and research tools into the hands of those who wish to explore, improvise, and push the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing and on the Form 2,” said David Lakatos. “Ceramic Resin is perfect example with Form X. Ceramic Resin is one of the most novel areas in material science to explore in 3D printing right now. Ceramic 3D printing allows for the creation of structures and complex geometries not possible with traditional ceramic fabrication techniques.”

I spoke with David about the new resins and systems and you can see some of the parts they’ve printed in the video above.

from TechCrunch