Evil Geniuses Create A Cup Noodles Vending Machine That Uses Your Instagram Account As Currency


People and weather may disappoint, but Cup Noodles never lets you down. That little cup filled with nood goodness is the ultimate meal fix when you need something to eat on the fly without putting a lot of thought into it, whether you’re at a gas station in the middle of the night, gamer in the middle of a binge, or broke college kid cramming for finals. When the craving for those wavy noodles with veggies hits, it must be satisfied – Hot sauce optional.

Our buds over at Foodbeast — who might be evil geniuses a la Dexter’s Laboratory – built the ultimate vending machine for anyone who loves savory snacks and video games. In partnership with the folks from Nissin Foods USA, Foodbeast created a #DreamMachine that uses Instagram likes to dispense Nissin’s Cup Noodles, along with select video games, gift vouchers, and other random sundries.

Here’s how it works: Press a button on the machine and it will give you a hashtag unique just to you. Take a photo of the vending machine and post it to Instagram (…your profile has to be on public), then tag @foodbeast and @originalcupnoodles. Once it registers with… THE INTERNET!… you get your prize.

You can find the vending machines at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Los Angeles County, along with the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South as of Wednesday, March 6.


from BroBible.com http://bit.ly/2H2a21t