Elon Musk Shatters Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory With One Tweet

Earlier this week, Neil deGrasse Tyson trolled flat-Earthers with fake photos of a lunar eclipse so hard. Now another prominent luminary has poignantly debunked the flat Earth conspiracy theory. On Wednesday, Elon Musk destroyed the flat Earth conspiracy with one blistering tweet.

The SpaceX and Tesla founder tweeted, “Why is there no Flat Mars Society!?” Pretty simple. You could go even farther and ask, “Why is there no Flat Moon Society!?” As well as asking, “Why is there no Flat Sun Society!?” There is, of course, a Flat Earth Society and they are verified on Twiter and they chimed in with an attempt to explain why there is no Flat Mars Society.

Some argued that Mars is flat.

Their rationalization was, “Unlike Earth, Mars has been observed to be round.” Not exactly a compelling and persuasive argument. The society believes that the Earth is a flat disc instead of a sphere, but they are conceding that Mars is round. So why would the laws of physics create the moon as a sphere, Mars as a sphere, and the sun as a sphere, but the Earth is a pancake? And why aren’t cats knocking shit off the edge of flat Earth?


from BroBible.com http://bit.ly/2j48Ddj