Does Your Girlfriend Not Finish During Sex? This Girl Figured Out How To Fix That With One Simple Move

Don’t blame yourself – not all girls finish during sex. It’s not because your dick is small or because you’re inadequate or because all those dreams where your parents called you a “loser” and “fuckstick” are coming true finally – no, it’s just biology. Some girls get stuck pulling the short stick, whereas others…well, they still get a short stick.

But there’s apparently one little trick you can have your girl do to help her finish, and it’s as simple as laying there and doing…nothing.

Literally nothing. Well, not exactly literally – you just have to relax.

According to Redditor adeepermystery, at 33 years old she’s never had an orgasm during sex:

She explains that at age 33, she may have just accidentally stumbled upon the reason she never comes during intercourse: she’s always tensed her muscles when she’s trying to come – when she should have been relaxing.

‘So, I’ve always tensed my muscles when I’m trying to come. I hold my breath, as well, which is a hassle of a habit, but a hard one to break.

‘Last night, I had just taken a Flexeril [a muscle relaxant] for a muscle spasm in my neck when I decided to take a little self-love time.

‘I couldn’t tense my muscles as tight, and coming while they were relaxed felt incredible! I thought the whole point was to clench everything, then feel the release…but this was like wave after wave of beautiful feelings. I probably came five times, each more amazing than the last.’(via)

Whether or not that’ll help your girlfriend finish remains to be seen, however it IS worth a try…unless you’re just trying to breed sexual resentment between the two of you. That’s always fun.

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