Disturbing Footage Shows Thieves Hack Into Mercedes-Benz Keyless Entry In Under 60 Seconds

hacking mercedes keyless entry

West Midlands Police / YouTube

I’ve never been one to worry about thieves hacking into my car’s keyless entry and stealing it but that’s mostly because I drive pretty average vehicles. If I had a Mercedes-Benz coupe then I’d be a little more worried about the security of my car, and I’d have good reason to be concerned.

This footage shared on YouTube by the West Midlands Police shows two thieves hack into a Mercedes’ keyless entry and steal the vehicle in under 60 seconds. It’s pretty jarring to witness firsthand how quickly these shitheads can make off with your car:

For an explanation of how these thieves cracked the keyless entry so easily you can click here to visit Gizmodo.

I kept a car in NYC for about 6 years and never once worried about thieves stealing it. My peace of mind was mostly because it was an older car and not something that would be high on a list of target vehicles. But out of all my friends in New York with cars I’ve never heard from any of them that they’ve been worried about their cars getting stolen. Sure, cars get stolen in the U.S., but I’m still wondering if this is a European phenomenon.

A buddy of mine who lives in London had his Audi A4 stolen a few months ago after he didn’t use the car for like 5 days. He went to check on the vehicle and it was long gone. The police were never able to track it down. And here we see thieves in the UK stealing this Mercedes-Benz. Obviously, this is all anecdotal, but it definitely has me wondering if the car theft business is booming in Europe.

from BroBible.com http://bit.ly/2zvKXoj