Delay Allows Plane To ‘Time Travel’ From The Year 2018 Back To 2017

Time travel is possible. Humans could even time travel back an entire year. Thanks to a delay and time zones, a Hawaiian Airlines flight was able to transport passengers from the year 2018 back to the year 2017. Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 was traveling from Auckland in New Zealand to Honolulu, Hawaii. The plane was scheduled to takeoff at 11:55 pm on New Year’s Eve, and land at 9:45 am on the same day since Auckland is 23 hours ahead of Honolulu. A delay pushed the flight back to the next year (Now that’s a delay) at 12:05 am on January 1st, 2018. So the passengers celebrated New Year’s on the plane, then time traveled back to December 31st, 2017 when they landed in Hawaii at 10:16 am. The passengers were able to celebrate two occasions of ringing in 2018 and even had nearly a second full day of New Year’s Eve festivities.

There were also six planes leaving Tapei and 2018 then time traveling back to 2017. The flights landed in Vancouver, Seattle and Los Angeles, and San Francisco. All in the year 2017.

Time travel without a flux capacitor, plutonium or 1.21 gigawatts is pretty impressive.